Welcumb.  When I originally produced this work, each drawrin’ was created in a single night.  Each day, a new page o’ mung was posted, and you, the audience, were invited to comment on each new arrival.   Part of that body of work is on display here, and is presented in reverse chronological odor (which is oh so wafty).  From this, you can see how my approach evolved over time.

     This collection is not complete (though if you look up, you can see that there are 5 more pages of tasty goodness).  You might want to see the complete collection, but alas, you may not. Yes, it is sad, but you will have ta suck it up, and move furwadz with yr life…  

To view them at the best size, look at them in slideshow view!

You can control the speed that they are displayed by hitting the spacebar on yer trusty keyboard to pause the slideshow, and then use the arrow keys to move backwadz and furwadz through the horror of it all.  If you like such depravity, I am currently posting a new li’l scribble every day at  May the goob lorb hep you.


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  2. C) ian at candycartoon dot com